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OSN Radio PLUS is a digital radio station which started life as Kraftyradio.com a hardcore radio station, part of the Krafty Corporation, which owns and runs Vibealite hardcore events. Kraftyradio.com was aquired by OSN in 2016 when Vibealite stopped putting on events, and the Krafty Corporation wanted to shutdown their servers.. Krafty radio was moved to the OSN servers and rebranded as OSN radio PLUS dedicated to Old Skool Hardcore, Techno & Drum and Bass.. OSN’s dedicated staff putt 110% into making the station the best experience possible for it’s listeners.. OSN listeners are not just listeners.. They are Family !

Our staff have over 30 years of radio experience behind them, and OSN Radio PLUS takes it to the next level with the digital age taking over from analogue. OSN offers all the latest technologies and is powered by the market leading radio software, allowing a professional but flexible experience. Listeners can not only listen to us 24hrs a day 7 days a week, but they can actually pick a tune, and it will automatically add it to the play list, and the Auto DJ will select when it can fit it into the playlist automatically..

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